Adrian Ruiz

Saving Lives Never Sounded So Good

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Summer is a pivotal time for our organization. This is the time we are reaching thousands of young people and educating about the importance of blood donation and marrow registration. It’s a time that lives are saved, and people rely on Music Saves Lives to answer a need. This last July the KARTV awards provided one of the most important events that Music Saves Lives has been a part of. The awareness, and the commitment to raising funds, made last summer the first summer in the history of our work where we could reach our goals to reach one million kids, and be able to go right into planning 2013. The KARTV Awards have brought our message to a whole new group of caring people. We hope that as we plan the next KARTV Awards in 2013 that the same passion drives an even larger response. Each dollar committed goes to changing lives forever. Saving Lives Never Sounded So Good. -Russel Hornbeek, Founder MSL

Christy Lopez

2012 IDA Lifetime Achievement Award – Jackie Sleight


We are proud to name Mrs. Jackie Sleight the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award recipient in Industry Dance Awards  (formerly known as, KARtv Awards) history in 2012. From dancer to choreographer to director, she has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment such as, Paula Abdul, Rod Stewart, and Barry Manilow. Jackie’s dance groups “A Sleight Touch” and “Boys’ Club” each won several shows and ultimately the Grand Championship, on the 80’s television phenomenon, Star Search. Jackie was also the innovator for the fitness trend, “Freedance” that took place over the country and is credited for changing Aerobics. Read more